Everything Marketers Need To Know About Instagram Reels

The second largest Instagram platform has more than one billion users worldwide. Instagram already has the best features for marketing, but it has recently come up with the latest feature – Reels, which allows users to create up to 15 seconds of video and share with your audiences. Since Reels launched, the amount of popularity has even increased more than Instagram has before. 

Brands That Already Use IG Reels

There are many chances to build your brand to a high level on Reels. Many brands understand Reels’ content importance, so they already incorporate the Reels marketing strategy in their business. For example, some popular brands are already using Reels, such as Sephora France, Louis Vuitton, and Balmain. Vuitton’s every Reel almost became a trend, and more than 5 million people were watching their Reels, it is a big success for them. Similarly, Sephora’s all Reel video has 300K views. 

How To Make Instagram Reels Content?

Here are steps to create content.

  1. Opening the Instagram app to give the access camera to record your video.
  2. Choosing Reels option to start to create content.
  3. There are various editing features in the left corner. Choose them (such as music, effects, timer, speed) to make your video more attractive.
  4. Press the center tab to take multiple clips and edit them together.
  5. You can also add some stickers, texts, and emojis based on your interest after finishing your recording.
  6. Add your content-related captions and hashtags and change the cover image.
  7. Following steps finished, now the time to share your video. There are few places to share your Reels like feed, stories, and Reels area.

Sharing content is not enough because the purpose of post content is more engagement and high visibility. After the audience watches the video, encourage the audience to post reviews in your Reels comment section. More people watch social media content with more comments compared to the few comments that have content. Some people look at the comment and then watch the video. When you have fewer comments for your reels, you can buy Instagram Reels comments to improve brand awareness to a great extent and to make your reel more viral on the platform.

Do’s and Don’ts While Creating Content

In the competitive marketing place, you need to understand what to do and don’t while creating content. In below, some points to create good quality content.


  • Stay with the current trends and events.
  • Try to include surprise and twist in the content.
  • Make proper use of editing features available on Instagram.
  • Keep the content more authentic and reliable.
  • Make the content as quirky and creative as you can.


  • If the music is not within Instagram’s music library, don’t use it without getting the appropriate license.
  • Don’t include graphic violence or hate speech in your content.

Outstanding IG Reels Content Idea

  • Educational content can be entertaining and informative.
  • Showcase your product reviews and case study, which will help the audience deeply know about your brand.
  • Share behind the scenes content and be transparent with your customer.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the idea about how to make your content perfectly. Using Instagram Reels to reach a worldwide audience. Get Ready to expand your business to a great high.