TikTok Holiday Marketing: Top Methods That Work For Brands

Social media is now a big business hub for brands and they keep looking out for different ways to make a strong presence on TikTok.  In today’s competitive landscape, brands are under intense pressure to supercharge how they advertise and market their business especially during the holiday season.  Though several brands have started using TikTok for marketing, no one is fully aware of the different capabilities and popular trends of the new platform. If you are a brand with a focus to make it to the top, just continue reading the article to know a few but expert level tips to use TikTok during the holiday season.

Branded AR Effects

The new feature of TikTok called the Branded AR effects that helps TikTok provide interactive user experience to their audience in a fun filled way. It enables integrating an array of technologies like 2D, 3D and augmented reality. TikTokers who are brands can play on facial expressions or body movements and postures to interact with branded elements. For this reason, branded effects guarantee to provide massive opportunities to increase brand reach among a wider audience worldwide.While this is one way to gain engagement, you could choose to buy TikTok followers for your profile to revitalize your profile and  Adding branded effects to your videos can make your audience feel like floating and being in a different world. 

Run Challenges On A Holiday Theme

Keep in mind that TikTok is all about creating quick videos that still leave a huge impact in audiences’ minds. Yes! Challenges are undoubtedly thriving when it comes to TikTok. And challenges run as a part of cause marketing in particular are great ways to get your brand name heard loud there. For example, the IceBucket challenge that was hosted to benefit the research on Gehrig’s Disease is a popular challenge that people remember till date. Identify challenges that you could run for the holiday season that could benefit people who are in need, probably this is a great chance to let people know about your human side. But remember, challenges are less likely to go viral when you have a few followers. In such a case, you could go ahead to purchase instant TikTok likes to boost engagement for your challenge. This eventually leads to more users participating in the challenge who might turn out into your loyal followers.

Post  Related Content

Authenticity is one of the key traits that people expect brands to possess. So being authentic will more likely gear you towards the winning edge in your TikTok marketing journey. Rather than posting videos that explicitly denote your push to sell your products, you can go with posting related content that provides insightful information to users that would act as a solution for questions that they had in their mind for a long time. That is a pretty good strategy to win more customers because it shows the concern that you have for them. Nevertheless, taking such an approach will let them understand them you are concerned about your needs and problems. So give a little care for your customers and they will take full care of your longevity on TikTok.

Give Away Gifts

Encourage your audience to post a short video while using your product like wearing a t-shirt of your brand and performing for a trending song. Announce that they will be given lovely rewards that they’ll really find useful and that is your way to go. Just draw some lucky number of customers and give them a beautiful gift that represents your brand as well as that they could cherish forever. Keeping it a practice to host challenges, say every few days, couple of months, or during festive season potentially drives you increased sales enabling you to make more profit. Research, identify and implement the best strategies that work best to promote your brand in the holiday season.